Big Draw 2016 Flyer

The STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival

The 9th Annual Big Draw • October 1, 2016

Free, Arts for all Ages! Indoor and outdoor!

  • Kinetic Sculpture
  • Pendulum Painting
  • Windsock Art
  • Drawing Machine
  • Watercolor and Resist
  • Tessellated Art

This is a chance for artists around the Tampa Bay area to come out and express themselves through their beautiful works of art! The 2016 Big Draw will run from across the UK and in twenty other countries, with 400,000 people expected to join in over 1800+ events. The Big Draw offers thousands of enjoyable, and mainly free, drawing activities which connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists, designers, illustrators—and each other. These events are for those who love to draw, as well as for those who think they can’t!